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5 ways to identify a fake copy of a YETI Tumbler. How do you know if it is authentic?

by Jorge Fimbres on April 24, 2023

Are you looking for a YETI tumbler, but want to make sure it's an authentic product? With the growing popularity of YETI products, it is crucial to know how to differentiate between an authentic YETI tumbler and a replica. In this article, we will discuss some essential elements to keep in mind when purchasing your YETI tumbler to ensure you are getting a genuine product.

Magslider lid

The YETI Magslider lid is a must-have feature of the original YETI cups. It uses a magnetic mechanism for smooth opening and closing, ensuring your drink stays in place even on bumpy rides. The Magslider lid is an innovation to keep your drinks hot and free of residue while on the go. Be sure to look for the Magslider lid and avoid replicas that do not have this essential component.

QR code

Original YETI cups come with a small label on the bottom with a printed QR code. This label acts as an authentication seal, allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of their product. You can scan the code with a smartphone to confirm whether the product is genuine or not. Counterfeit products often do not have this QR code, so if you are unsure of the authenticity of the product, be sure to look for this authentication label.


Another way to differentiate between an authentic YETI tumbler and a replica is by weight. Original YETI cups are considerably heavier than their replica counterparts. Counterfeit products often attempt to replicate the appearance of original YETI cups, but rarely match them in weight. Be sure to consider the weight of the glass when purchasing it.


The texture of the original YETI cups is a crucial factor to consider in differentiating between an authentic YETI cup and a replica. The original YETI cups have a smooth and polished texture, and the seams and joints are not visible. On the other hand, counterfeit products often have rough edges, visible seams, and imperfect finishes. Run your hands over the surface of the glass and feel the texture before purchasing it to ensure its authenticity.


The markings on a YETI tumbler are another essential feature to consider when determining its authenticity. Original YETI tumblers have sharp, precise laser markings, while replica products often have averaged markings or printed labels that are often misaligned, blurred or discolored. Be sure to check the markings and make sure they are precise and sharp.

In conclusion, when looking for a YETI tumbler, you should be careful to ensure you are purchasing an authentic product. Always prioritize trusted retailers and distributors with a good reputation. Look for these elements when purchasing a YETI tumbler: the Magslider lid, the QR code, the right weight, the texture, and the precisely engraved markings. These features are unique to original YETI cups and are absent in counterfeit products. Get the best value for your money by prioritizing authentic YETI cups.